Catalyst CourseBank

Moodle Course Cloud Backup, no more limits

With our extensive knowledge of the Enterprise Moodle space, Catalyst has seen a steady growth in the data footprint of Enterprise Moodle LMS instances. CourseBank gives Moodle admins the ability to easily automate pushing Moodle course backups out into the cloud.

Coursebank architecture

Automated, Cloud-based Moodle Course Backup Storage

These clients current use the Catalyst Coursebank
Unlimited Capacity
CourseBank uses cloud storage technology, meaning there are no limits to how many snapshots of a course you store.
Pay For What You Use
With CourseBank, you pay only for the storage that is used.
Low Cloud Storage Cost
With CourseBank, you take advantage of the low cost of Cloud File Storage.
Secure Data Transfer
All data transferred to and from CourseBank is sent securely over HTTPS, meaning your data can not be evesdropped.
Highly Redundant Storage
CourseBank stores backup assets in high-availability storage facilities with no single point of failure and multiple copies of each asset.
Archive Your Course
Many organisations need to keep copies of courses for compliance purposes. CourseBank means you don't have to use up valuable local storage space.