New Account Registration Offline

Welcome to CourseBank! This page allows you to sign up to our online Moodle Course backup-as-a-service solution.

In order go sign up for a CourseBank account, you need to provide your email and Organisation Name below. You will then receive an email notification with further instructions.

IMPORTANT: All accounts begin with a no lock-in free tier with 5GB of storage backup storage, at no point will you incur any costs unless you explicitly sign up for a paid-for plan. For more details plans see our pricing page.



Notification: May, 2018

Unfortunately, CourseBank is temporarily halting the creation of new accounts in relation to the current compliance review for CourseBanks and GDPR. Current account holders can still make use of the service, but we are not allowing new account creation at this point.

Updates will be available by July 2018. Thank you for your ongoing support.